About Erika


Erika writes novels, novellas, and short stories. Her fiction is primarily character driven and ranges from real-world explorations to fantasy and science-fiction settings. She began writing when she was a young child and started a novel when she was in middle school. She worked on this for several years until realizing her writing had changed and matured enough in the writing process that it necessitated rewriting the entire novel, which was then over 360 pages long and incomplete. Deciding to put this project on hold, she began to explore the art of the short story. Currently she has five short stories available for purchase individually or as a set.

Graphic Designer

Erika has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. She enjoys the medium of visual expression, especially in the creation of her cover art and the design of her website and blog. While writing is her primary focus, she welcomes intellectual and creative challenges in all forms.

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